Carnswallow and Lickerbill Castles, Estalia

Carnswallow Castle is the country seat of the Earl of Pagota. It is located in the hills to the east of Tiptow, and is noted mainly for its huge keep tower. The castle dates mainly from the late 17th Century. Sited on the edge of the escarpment, it is a well-protected stronghold with fine views to the west. Beyond the drawbridge is the home farm and a small hamlet housing servants and retainers (and of course, a pub). Refer to the floor plans for a description of the various rooms and towers. The quarters in the keep tower are particularly well furnished and opulent.

Lickerbill Castle is the strongest fortification in this part of Estalia and is on a commanding site on a headland above the town of Tiptow. The tower house is a particulary fine building (constructed originally about 1660, but considerably 'improved' in the 18th and 19th Centuries as a residence for the Earl of Pagota); it is enclosed in the Inner Ward -- service buildings surrounding a courtyard -- which is built on a small 'tor', being the highest spot in the precinct. The Outer Ward contains the barracks, armories, etc. for the garrison -- the buildings are not shown on the plan. There are two levels of artillery defense on the seaward side (the lower battery being reached by a tunnel from the inner ward), one on the landward, and a provision for cavalry patrols.

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