The Province of South Estalia -- Central (Heartland)

South Estalia is the main province of the three provinces of Estalia, but the largest both in size and population and places of interest. It is therefore (for convenience) being presented on the web in five sections (West, Southwest, North Central, Southeast, and Home Country -- this page) and two supplements (Linzonia and East Estalia). Most of the population of Estalia lives in this area around Lake Jatta, largely agricultural to the south and east, and aristocratic and religious to the north and west. The City of Lotta occupies an island in the middle of the lake.

Almondsey invaded Estalia via the River Ye in 1840, the War of the Holy Success (when there was a dispute as to who would become the next Archduke). Lar'min and Plimboton were destroyed, but the invaders were stopped at Smardogg. The attack was to the north of the river, as the Marchlands and southeastern part of Centralia remained in the hands of the pro-Almondese faction.

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Central Sector of South Estalia

This section is divided into several subsidiary web pages: The Royal Castles, Estalia Castle, Tarbonkh Castle (see Linzonia), Lotta, Palaces (Lotta and Mugg), the Great Temple, and Miscellaneous (Chapter XIX, Gangle Tor, the University, and the Holy Sanctuaries of Mugg and Lignapp). The town of Hanssolu also has a web page.

The main county is Centralia, although the City of Lotta counts as a totally separate administrative unit. Royal Reserve is a restricted area limited to the Archduke, his family, and retainers. There are regular ferry services from Ma'ar-mit to Lotta, from Lom'bom to Lar'min and all long the north shores (Smardogg-Pumfrit). A causeway/bridge linking Lotta to the Hanssolu area was built in the early 18th Century. The Pogin-mims (borough compounds) are: Hanssolu, Ma'ar-mit, Pumfrit, Lash-l'rou, Smardogg, and Lar'min. The latter was destroyed in 1840, although the town was rebuilt. Lash-l'rou is part of the University. Plimbo-mims consist only of Poolot't (part of the University), Lom'bom (now incorporated into the ferry terminal and the Margaret Hotel), and Plimboton (the original Plimbo-mim, a ruin since the 1840 war). See below for Glik Tower and the Toll towers; see also Palbo-mims (they are not named here, except for Ye-Bocx and Bob-Bocx).

For details of the Castello Chain of Hotels, click here. Most of them are situated in the environs of Lake Jatta, examples being The Janet Hotel in Pumfrit and The Mariotta Hotel in Ma'ar-mit.

Notes on the Nobles: The Archduke (once a King) and his family are the principal lords and landowners, dwelling in various royal castles and estates. The heir to the throne is called the Earl of Pardolot't. The high-priest, or Hierophant, is also an important figure, as is the Lord Mayor of Lotta, and Baron Ting, Warden of the Lake.

Glik Tower and Estate

This small tower house is the private home of the Admiral of the Fleet, an honorary post that once was of some importance. It was built around 1680 on an islet off the west shore of Lake Jatta, and is notable for its fine ashlar construction and high-quality internal appointments. Apart from that, it is not the prime residence, which is just opposite on the coast. There are only three principal rooms over the kitchen/cellar. A plan of the Admiral's Manor House (part of a large estate) is shown below.

Toll Towers

These are small towers located at strategic road junctions throughout central Estalia (there are something like 45 of them). They were built in the early 18th Century during a period of unrest. They housed a small contingent (2-4 men) of quasi-military police called Carbonets.