The Country of Estalia

Almondsey mysteriously vanished a few years ago, apparently sunk beneath the north Atlantic, but it is suspected in some quarters that it fell into some sort of time warp engineered by their evil arch-enemies the Norwegians. The original island was called Estalia. It was subjugated except for a truncated remote area (similar to Wales under Anglo-Saxon/Norman imperialism), by Scandinavians from Arland and Viniot, the founders of Gerousle. It retained the old pagan religion and monarchic/hierophantic political structure. We have recently recovered more documentation of this lost country, and it will be posted on this web site.

The country of Estalia is now limited to the southwestern segment of the island and is somewhat smaller than Wales, to which it bears a resemblance politically, being a semi-independent principality of Almondsey. It has three provinces: North Estalia (PNE), West Estalia (PWE), and South Estalia (PSE) the largest and most populous. East Estalia is of course the rest of the island, but that is of course a nationalistic fancy. The capital is the lake city of Lotta.

    Counties of the Provinces of Estalia (and 'Capital' and Major Towns):

  • North Estalia (Hamnet): Upper March (Quair/Craglin Castle), North Poggit (Pain), South Poggit (Tsilvor). Quadron garrison town. Plimbo-mims: Ploybart, Pilhomen, Pillitove, Lovitweir. Palbo-mims (10): undescribed here, but their names are: Bad-Bocx, Corgi, Salammo, Fursits, Lunkh-Bocx, Tilits, Argon, Rai-Bocx, Philtre, and Tallowax.
  • West Estalia (Parson): Felsoran (Parson), Palmania (Soliva), and Sorgun (Liga). Yug. Palor. Prote. Pogin-mim: Parson. Plimbo-mims: Hamm-Bosch, Palominomin. Palbo-mims (7): Har-Bocx, and others undescribed on this site (they are Kyte-Bocx, Lor-Bocx, Cocx'n-Bocx, Horlahl, Salubin, and Farlevenhaven, the northernmost, the last three all being in Sorgun where Bocx was a dirty word).
  • South Estalia -- Western Sector (Yiggle): Algoland Island (Plologue) -- actually a separate 'Seneschalate' under the Grand Duke, not a county, Harrum (Fangist), Pagota (Tiptow), Krum (Sagasity). Plimbo-mims: Plahsh and Hagg-Nookh; Palbo-mim: Phlibocx.
  • South Estalia -- Southwestern Sector: Palbo-mims: Yezrith (a market town) and Snarl; Plimbo-mim: Possonlay. Other town: Dzangh.
  • South Estalia -- North Central Sector: Plimbo-mim: Alkol (Hash-kay). Palbo-mim: Ramat-Ford. Other town: Fulgis (on West Estalia map). Hierophant's Palace and Archduke's Summer Palace.
  • South Estalia -- South Central Sector (Home County): Capital: Lotta. Pogin-mims: Hanssolu, Ma'ar-mit, Pumfrit, Lash-l'rou, Smardogg, and Lar'min. Plimbo-mims: Poo-lot't, Lom-bom, Plimboton. Palbo-mims are scattered about. There are also numerous Royal Castles, Palaces, and Temples.
  • South Estalia -- Southeastern Sector (Marches): Capital: Carboil. Port: Lissom. Palbo-mims: Ye-Bocx, Bob-Bocx, Thro-Bocx; Plimbo-mims: Poskrit and P-pshitt.
  • Linzonia: An independent aboriginal reservation. No cities, unless you count the crude little town of Frimtaloz.
  • Supplemental: The province of East Estalia, which used to extend along the whole south bank of the River Lin, was annexed by Almondsey 300 years ago. Original Estalian towns, such as Yarthfur, remain. The truncated portion of the province on the west of the River Vole is now called Marchland.

Here are the pages posted so far, mostly of architectural descriptions, because the history of the nation is hard to interpret, written in a strange runic alphabet and in a non-Indo-European language that few people can translate.

The Castles and Fortifications of Estalia
(based on a gazetteer in the Grobius Shortling library, published privately by Simon Cripplewort in 1923 and updated by GS for the Web)


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