The Town of Hanssolu, Estalia

Hanssolu guards the entrance to Gangle Gorge, leading to Loch Mugg, where are located many of the Seminaries and Royal retreats of Estalia, and also a branch of the university at Poolot't. The castles are of note: Gangle Tor, Grollshec, Pardolot't, and Flogis-m'Lott; and of course Estalia Castle itself. There is an administrative Pogin-mim tower, built in the 1840s; the hotel occupies another corner of the town, and incorporates as 'keep' an original 17th Century wall tower, and was opened in 1900 in celebration of the millennium. A large temple occupies the south side of the Market Square, where one also enters the Pogin-mim. Two artillery redoubts and a town wall protect the site. Hanssbridge to the east leads toward the island city of Lotta, which can be reached by bridge, the other access to Lotta being the ferry at Ma'ar-mit after turning east from the end of Ganglebridge, the west turning being the road up Gangle Gorge. Grollshcecgate is the other exit from the town and leads by a winding mountain road up to Grollshec Castle. The hills hereabouts are full of sheep, hence the sheep market inside Grollshecgate.

Grollshecgate is a simple two-storied structure at the northern end of the Western Redoubt. It is entirely defensive, containing three guardrooms and a small bedroom. There is a portcullis worked from the larger of the two top rooms, which also has a fireplace.

Leucr'ee Tower (shown on the hotel plan) is the home of the Town Clerk.

Hanssgate is a four-storied building at the north end of the Eastern Redoubt, at the south end of which is the three-storied Rouge Tower housing this redoubt's garrison. The gatehouse is the residence of the mayor of Hanssolu and has some very fine chambers on its upper floors. The gateway leading to the bridge over Hanssbrook is protected by a portcullis. Two circular turrets rise over the gateway at third and fourth floor level.

Ganglegate is the primary entrance to the city and the site both of the principal garrison and of the Guild Hall.

The Pogin-mim

The Jenny Hotel

Given the importance of Hanssolu in government affairs, the Jenny Hotel is one of the largest of the Marcello Chain with 13 bedrooms, including four luxury chambers in the keep tower. Also of note: the two-storied Great Hall for banquets (at most times, however, used as a restaurant), the pub ("The Magnet and Magpie" -- who knows where this name came from), and a gatehouse tower with military guards (many guests are of importance enough to warrant this protection).