Lar'Min Castle

This 19th-Century castle was built to replace the original Pogin-mim destroyed in the War of Holy Success (1840).

    view ground floor    view first floor    view second floor
Lar'min Castle

This structure was started in 1862 on the site of the original Pogin-mim compound that had been destroyed in 1840. It is primarily a show-piece designed in a neo-Gothic style, with a Norman-type keep (where the Pogin tower used to be) and French-style towers, but is also the seat of administration for the area on the east side of Lake Jatta. Baron Lar'min, from a distaff branch of the royal family, is the titular head of this sector. The Lord Mayor, Chief Constable, and Colonel-General are also important figures who have quarters here. Lar-min itself (see below) is the second largest town in Estalia, followed by nearby Smardogg.

The Elspeth Hotel is part of the Castello Chain of hotels established by the Italian immigrant Marcello Ponzini in the late 19th Century. They are 'quality' accommodation for rich merchants and other travellers who like a castellated or manorial type treatment. Some of them re-used remnants of old castles or tower-houses, but this one was built from scratch in 1912. Others in the chain can be found in various places on this web site. Only the ground and first floors are shown in this plan, but there are two additional stories containing mostly bedrooms. The pub, the 'Marcello Arms', is a favorite hang-out for the businessmen of Lar'min as it is close to the famous turkish bath-house (the two bedrooms marked on the plan at this level are actually private conference rooms).