The Province of North Estalia

North Estalia is the second-most important of the three provinces of Estalia, although not heavily populated apart from the county of South Poggit, which has a population of over 9000 (300 years ago it was triple that). It was always prominent in island politics because of its closeness to Almondsey along the River Lin, and is thus heavily fortified. It should be noted that the natives of North Estalia and that part of Almondsey with its famous walled cities are ethnically the same, with few admixtures of Norse and other; constantly at war over cattle and religion, they are brothers at heart and will always unite against 'outlanders'. The Upper March is one of the most traditional, primitive, and conservative of all Estalian counties, whereas the environs of Hamnet are among the most modernized (one can't say sophisticated). North Poggit is in a sense an aberration, being politically liberal and impoverished and ignorant at the same time.

See the enlarged map of the Lin Gorge

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Ho is a small village in the Poggit Hills that is known for its fine Catriona Hotel, a noted stopping-over place for travellers between Estalia and Kajuddur.

Province of North Estalia

Consists of three counties: Upper March, North Poggit, and South Poggit. Sparsely populated in the north, which is mostly moorland, and mountainous (the Argon Mountains) along the Lin Gorge and Lake Sil to the east. The west coast is gale-swept and treeless although an inland ridge protects the valley of the River Lugg. The Poggits, however, are mostly agricultural, especially in the Vale of the River Lugg. The Poggit Hills bordering the Great Marsh are mostly sheep raising. There are only three towns -- the port of Quair, Hamnet, and Tsilvor at the mouth of the River Swill -- the rest of the population centers being 'Plimbos' (4) and 'Palbos' (10) (see towers), mostly in South Poggit. Almondsey is across the River Lin, hence the emphasis on fortifications, including Quadro Castle, the Whitcraft Towers, and the north coast (Lum, Quadron, and Tato) and river forts (Craglin, Pain, Ft. Lorig, Ronald's Ait, Paladrian Castle, and Hamnet), plus the castle opposite Kajudder, Lotta G'in. Argon Castle protects the northeastern side of Tato Bay. Hamnet is the capital of North Estalia -- see its web page. There is also a page describing the Earl of Poggit's palace at Tsilvor, and one for the holy 'city' of Talibar and its castle Fladgate; note, also, the seminary at Fort Lorig.

Fulgis is the northernmost port of the region of South Estalia (in the county of Cowlip). For the curious, also note the fortified Almondese towns of Ffanshoe, Nuorgk, and Kajudder. See also the Catriona Hotel, part of the Castello Chain, in the village of Ho.

The only bridge over the River Lin between Almondsey and North Estalia is at Kajudder. Note also Garbon Castle opposite Craglin, its companion Halfbass Hall (or Badboys Castle), both associated with Ffanshoe, and the large Chateau Nuorgk. Also Kajudder's Citadel, Judd Castle. These are in Almondsey but are listed here on this web page as being relevant to Estalia.

The full list of Palbo-mims in the region is: Bad-Bocx, Corgi, Salammo, Fursits, Lunkh-Bocx, Tilits, Argon, Rai-Bocx, Philtre, and Tallowax.

Notes on the Nobles: This has varied considerably over time and over families, but the official hierarchy is: (a) Warden of the North, a cabinet appointee combining the English roles of Chief Constable and Governor General, but generally an absentee), (b) Duke of North Estalia, who also does not normally reside in the area (mainly Paris and Nice for the last few generations), (c) Earl of Poggit, the prime landlord, (d) Count Poggit of Hamnet Bridge, a noble family established when an upstart successfully seceded the county of North Poggit during a war with Almondsey in the 18th Century (his seat is in Castle Pain), (e) the Archbishop of Hamnet, head of the Inquisition Into Faith and sometimes, but rarely, a major force of oppression, and (f) a handful of minor barons, including the once-powerful Duke of Craglin, who consider themselves more important than they are. The real ruler of the province is the Provost-Major, also chiefly resident in Hamnet -- he is appointed by the Archduke to a lifetime position -- and his competence has been a matter of plus or minus in past history. He is officially subordinate to practically everyone, but in reality runs the whole show.