Thongor Castle, Estalia

This fort guards the harbor of the village of Thongor, which is the easternmost town on the south coast of Estalia.

Brief History. Built in the 1630s by Arnoldo Thongori-Blazon, a wealthy cousin of the Duke of Marchland. It is very similar to Yarmouth Castle on the Isle of Wight in England, which town he had visited several times. The area was under constant threat from Almondsey, which in fact conquered the old Estalian province of Yarthfur.

Description. The site is a granite slab jutting some 17 feet above the sea, at the east end of the Longstrand beach (indeed, the whole town is built on this slab). To cover the entrance to the harbor, the east side of the fort is a large gun emplacement, filled in with sand and gravel within the thick walls; to the west is the courtyard and living quarters. A noted feature of the fort is the arrowhead-shaped bastion at the southwest corner, providing flanking cover for the walls facing the town and jutting into the Market Square.

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