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This author has been inventing imaginary places all his life, starting as soon as he could hold a crayon or pencil. In 1996, he got his first home computer and has not stopped playing with this new toy since. Several of these imaginary compositions were found in file folders that have been kept around for ages, others were written specifically for the Internet. Hope you enjoy them. -- G.S.

Castle aficionados all have their own favorites, but there is often ambiguity about that -- some offering more in the way of picturesqueness, others in historical interest, still others in fortification techniques. Well, why not design your own ideal castle project that combines all of the aspects that you would find of interest if such a place existed? My challenge to you, if this appeals to you, is to submit your own "imaginary" castle to this site.

You have to be a compulsive sort of person to do this sort of thing, but it is a lot of fun, rather like making balsa model airplanes from scratch, or making a quilt or tapestry. In a way, if you do it right, it combines the mental skills of architecture and historical fiction research.

There are no rules to this project, apart from the fact that I am the sole judge of what is fit!

Click HERE to enter The Imaginary Castle Contest

-- Grobius Shortling, June 2002.

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