Phlegmark Manor, West Estalia

On the southern border of West Estalia, facing the Harrum Forest across the river Phaarat, is the Duke of Felsoran's country estate. The ancestral home is a Roman-style palace in Parson, but the 12th Duke (Rupert) had been sent to school at Eton in the mid 19th Century and developed an abiding passion for things English, hence his construction of this pseudo-Jacobean manor house. Parson is a rather grimy town, so the estate has become the preferred residence of the dukes. Read about Parson here.

Environs (plan not to scale)
The manor house itself is a simple H-plan building, with an older tower on one side and a domestic court (stables and servants' quarters) on the other. The small tower house dates from about 1680 and was built to protect the Har-Bocx road from incursions from the Harrum Forest. There is a low sandstone platform here where the Phlegbrook meets the River Phaarat, surrounded on the other three sides by low-lying meadowlands. To the north is the home farm with its large farmhouse and a very small village (a mill and half-a-dozen thatched-roof houses, the one at the junction of Har-Bocx road and the Yug-Palor highway being the tiny Duke's Arms public house) -- very ye-olde-English effect. The outer courtyard is bounded by the guest house, the manor, the stable yard, the gatehouse (guardrooms), and the bakery and brewhouse. To the west and south are pleasant gardens and a 'summer' house that is a miniature version of the tower; there is a small boat landing next to the summer house. The manor house is small but very comfortable (as compared with the large open atrium palace in Parson).


(a) Entrance to private yard
(b) Library
(c) Closet
(d) Back stairs
(e) Sitting room
(f) Billiard room
(g) Wine cellar
(h) Great hall
(i) Entrance hall
(j) Servants' station (butler's pantry)
(k) Back stairs (cellar under this wing)
(l) Scullery
(m) Kitchen
(n) Patio/terrace
(o) Parlor
(p) Water closet
(q) Upper hall (gallery)
(r) Card room
(s) Music room
(t) Master bedroom
(u) Master sitting room
(v) Duke's private room
(w) Bedrooms (family)
(x) Bedrooms (VIP)
(y) Caphouse
(z) Lead roof and parapet

Note: the most unusual feature is the widening of what would normally be a minstrel's gallery to half the length of the great hall, creating a sort of loft room over a comfortable sitting area.

The 'Summer House'

This is a rather charming miniature tower house, used to defend the dock and boathouse in troublous times, but during peace the home, or rather play house, of the Duke's sons, or when they have grown and gone away, the Duke's studio. The Gazebo served a similar purpose for the Duke's daughters. The tower is only about 25 feet square and of three stories (one vaulted). There is a parapet on corbels, a turret, a caphouse, and a watch room. The dock can only handle row boats, flatboats, and canoes, which is all that can be used this high up the Phaarat River.