The Province of South Estalia -- Western Sector

South Estalia is the main province of the three provinces of Estalia, but the largest both in size and population and places of interest. It is therefore (for convenience) being presented on the web in five sections. This is the western section, consisting of four counties, if Algoland Island is to be treated as such, being the personal property of the Grand Duke and ruled by a Seneschal. They are Algoland, Harrum, Pagota, and Krum. Algoland is peculiar in that geologically it is the rim of a huge meteor crater (the other side being the coast of Pagota), with the misnamed Sound of Heli forming the 'caldera' -- and there are, in fact, many hot springs in this area, making Tiptow a popular spa, and Pagota a prosperous agricultural area warmed both underground and by the Gulf Stream. Harrum, on the other hand, is basically a large forest full of outcasts and outlaws, the county town of Fangist being the only center of civilized population (and a brewery). Krum is purely rural, because of its large flat plain underneath the Lignapp Hills; it is the breadbasket of Estalia (and extends below this map, wrapping around the south coast). It is of course, being agricultural, a very conservative community as represented by the puritanical town of Sagasity. Yiggle, the regional center, is an important trading town at a major crossroads and at the upper navigational reach of the River Ramat. It is technically in Pagota, but is actually independent.

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Western Sector of South Estalia

Consists of three counties: Harrum, Pagota, and Krum, plus the Grand Ducal proprietary island of Algoland (see web page). County Harrum with its deep and dark woods, has a very low and elusive population (many bandits and other outlaws, and backwoods dissenters) and has only one town, Fangist and some secluded castles such as Harrum-in-the-Woods (with its racetrack),Tenor Tower, and Castle Phaar (on the West Estalia site description). There are two fully unmodified Plimbo-mims in this area, Plahsh and Hagg-Nookh, and a single Palbo-mim, Phlibocx, (not counting Yezrith in Krum, shown on the South Estalia map) -- but no Pogin-mims (although Yiggle and Sloe have something similar).

Among the other castles in this area, Stike Castle, Poggle Tower, Carnswallow, Musmid Tower, and Lickerbill Castle are noteworthy. Lickerbill is the major fortress for this whole area. Another point of interest is the famous rivalry of Frick and Frack, who built opposing castles. There are also ten Podgar towers located at strategic points.

County Krum is heavily populated by farmers, but has few towns in the northern section: namely the capital Sagasity, the ports of Tiptow, Sloe, and Poggle, and the two Plimbo-mims. See also Fangist and Yiggle. The lower portion of the county is shown on this web page.

Notes on the Nobles: This has varied considerably over time and over families, but the official hierarchy is: (a) Lord Harrum, head of the oldest clan in the area, but notoriously reclusive as a family, living in the back woods and rarely seen, (b) the Moderator of Sagasity -- Krum being a 'republic' with no nobility is run by a religious patriarch, (c) Earl of Pagota, richest man in the region, (d) Baron Fangist of Fangist, a family of notoriety now mellowed into a form of English aristocracy, (e) the Mayor of Yiggle, whose office is also Grand Ducal governor of the region, and (f) the Seneschal of Algoland.