The Province of West Estalia

West Estalia is the least populated of the three provinces of Estalia. It is a very barren place, except in the south, although there are substantial tin and lead mines on the edge of Mockmoor. In general, the people here are very backward, and racially are not true Estalians but actually descended from the original Neolithic natives of the island (who built the old stone villages on Mockmoor).

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Some additional sites: Phlegmark Manor (Duke of Felsoran), Urchinfield Hall (Baronet Munch of Palmania), Yar Tower, Yizmuth Tower -- and, not strictly in West Estalia but convenient to list here -- Phaar Castle near Yug and Fulgis near Liga.

The full list of Palbo-mims in the region is: Har-Bocx, Kyte-Bocx, Lor-Bocx, Cocx'n-Bocx, Horlahl, Salubin, and Farlevenhaven.

Province of West Estalia

The area is a peninsula jutting into the North Atlantic ocean on the west side of the island of Almondsey. It consists of three counties: Palmania, Sorgun, and Felsoran (which is the most populated and agriculturally prolific). It is sparsely peopled with only six sizeable towns -- Liga (and Alva Castle), Palor, Parson, Yug, Soliva, and Prote; in addition, there are two Plimbo's -- Hamm-Bosch and Palominomin. The west side is an almost continuous cliff some 400-800 feet high (the Sarlon Heights), and there is an extinct volcano, Mt. Caliban, at the northern tip. Sargon Island, in the Bay of Bisquet to the east, is the site of the most notorious prisons in Estalia (Prote). See inset below. The Lowlands of Parll are swampy fen country, mostly undrained, with only three villages (Palbo's): Farlevenhaven, Salubin, and Horlahl (N to S).

Mockmoor, mined from ancient times for its lead, tin, and copper -- the mining center is the Plimbo of Hamm-Bosch -- has many Neolithic and Bronze Age remains, including four substantial 'villages' (see the web page). The Lavor-ta'Lott Hills ('Lott's Beauty', ironically named) are stony and bleak, uninhabited save for some very hardy sheep.

Parson, county seat of Felsoran, contains a Pogin-mim, the only one in West Estalia, and is home to the Duke and the Grand Inquisitor.

Fulgis, in County Cowlip, is the only northern port town in the Province of South Estalia; it has a very tall tower-house.


a -- Felons' Stockade
b -- Heretics' Stockade

This is a low-lying island with the 300-foot-high (max.) Spinat Hill running as a spine. There are two identically designed artillery forts, built in the 18th Century, at either end commanding the Folgor Channel and the three uninhabited channel islands (but see Urgoth on Lis); they are simple square structures with four corner bastions for cannon and accommodation for small garrisons (no more than 20 men) -- a very unwelcome posting. Prote is a compact little town with a wharf, inhabited mainly by warders and other prison officials. It is protected by an unparapeted wall, two simple gatehouses, and square two-storied angle towers; on the seaward side is the large tower house, similar to a Whitcraft (but built earlier) that serves as administration quarters. There is also a small temple.

Notes on the Notables: This has varied considerably over time and over families, but the official hierarchy is: (a) The Duke of Felsoran, (b) Baron Mockmoor of Palmania, (c) the Lord Mayor of Liga, (d) the Baron of Palor and (e) Baronet Munch of Palmania. There is also the high-ranking Grand Inquisitor of Parson. The owner of the Bastard's House in Yug is also influential although not officially.